I have been thinking about the story of Lazarus from the Bible today.

As the story goes, Lazarus got sick. His sisters called on Jesus to heal him, but before Jesus could get there, Lazarus died.
Jesus finally came.
The sisters were upset because they believed that if Jesus had come sooner, their brother would not have died.
So, Jesus raised him up from the dead.

I have heard this story a thousand times.
Usually when I think about this story, I focus on the sisters. I tend to learn a lot from them in the story.
I can relate to them.
Or maybe I focus on miracle.

But what about Lazarus?

To be honest, there was not a whole lot Lazarus did.
(Other than dying, that is.)
Yes, technically he is known and remembered.
But he isn’t remembered for anything he did.
He is known for what Jesus did.

And as Christians today we get that part wrong so often.
We try to work and do good things for Jesus.
We try to learn all we can about Him with countless Bible studies.
We work and do and learn, yet we forget
That it isn’t about us
At all.

It is about dying to ourselves.
So that we can let Jesus work.

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