It’s the beginning of a new year.
A lot of us have made New Year’s resolutions for the new year.
Some have already broken them.

When I was a kid, I would get out a fresh piece of lined paper and write down my list of resolutions for the year.
It was what we were supposed to do, right?
Then that paper would sit on my dresser and collect dust for a while.

Some resolutions we stick with.
Some we don’t.
Sometimes we don’t even bother to make any.

There is something about the fresh start of a new year that makes us think of starting new.

Yet sometimes we need to look back.

Have you ever looked back to a year ago and wonder how in the world you made it to where you are now?
You wonder how you made it through to the other side and things were actually good.
Really good.

In the middle of the storminess of the past, you often wondered if you would ever see the end,
You questioned if it would ever be good again
Or even if you would make it through.
Yet after time has gone by, you look back and are truly speechless as you take in all that has happened.
You are truly in awe of where God has brought you and how He has brought you through all of it.

I’ve had several of those looking back moments in my lifetime.

Whatever it was at the time,
Some kind of tragedy or death or job loss or just a really hard season in life…


Yet here you are.
You made it through.
And you are good.

I hope that along with those resolutions to change things for the better,
You take the time to look back as well.
I hope you take the time to see how far you have come.
And rejoice.

Maybe you are still in the middle of that crazy mess of a storm, and you cannot see the end in sight.
To you, I just want to encourage you not to give up.
This isn’t the end.
Things will be good again.

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