I am one of those weird people who love working out.

I know.
You just rolled your eyes, didn’t you?
I know you did…

I am crazy into it though.

I am annoyed by wimpy workouts.
Give me an hour of Insanity or BodyRock and I am ecstatic.
We are talking full-speed and my husband’s heavy weights kind of workouts…
When it gets too easy, I throw on a weighted vest.

I am that girl.

You just rolled your eyes again.
I know. I know.
(But I am trying to make a point. I am getting to it. I promise.)

In high school I hated everything fitness.
Hated it!
I was horribly uncoordinated.
It was awful, truly awful!
I could barely run around the gym without tripping or having everyone else in the class pass me.
I was always the last one chosen for the team
Without fail.
Doing one single push-up was an amazing feat.

I was a wimp.

And I knew it.

I am not even entirely sure that it was a matter of lack of ability,
But rather a lack of trying.

In my mind it was something that I was not naturally good at.

So I gave up before I even started.
I gave my 10%
And nothing more.

Because what my teenage mind told me was that it was better to not try at all and fail, than to try my best and fail.

So I never tried.

Never in my wildest dreams would I ever have pictured myself choosing to work out,
Let alone being strong or lifting weights.

Perhaps you never truly know your ability until you try something that challenges you.
I am talking really truly give it your all,
Even when you are certain you will not be good at it.
Even though you think you will fail.

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