When I was growing up, we would always go to our grandparents house on Christmas day.

Every year

And every year, we would take a picture with the grandparents in the same spot:
By grandpa’s recliner.

My grandfather rarely smiled for pictures, so my mom took it upon herself each year to try to get a picture of him smiling.
She would climb behind his chair, and poke him in the side to try to get him to smile,
All while trying to hide from the camera.
And we would stand with my grandmother and get our picture for the year.

Every year
With fail



Traditions we have can be very elaborate,
Or extremely simple,
Like taking pictures by grandpa’s recliner.

And while there are many traditions that I cherish from growing up, sometimes it is the simple traditions that I hold most dear to my heart.

May you have those very simple moments today.
And may you cherish those moments with the ones you love.


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