It’s the time of year for…

Toy catalogs.

That’s right.

We have gotten so many delivered to our house the past few weeks.

Kids from all over will pick up the latest toy catalog that came in the mail, and circle half of it’s contents, in hopes of getting as much as they can.

I did it as a kid.
I don’t know many people who didn’t.

You know what, though?
Sometimes what can seem a little foolish to us as adults, we actually are guilty of doing in our own way.

Because it is honestly so incredibly easy to look around at all that we don’t have and wish for it all.

A better car
That amazing sweater that we see on someone else
A new phone
The latest trendy update for our houses…

And it seems as soon as we have what we have always wanted, we are on the look-out for the next newest thing we want.


It is just as common among us as adults, as it is in our kids.

Why are we so discontent as a people with what we have?
Why do we keep making a mental list of what we don’t have instead of being thankful for all the things that we do have?

And why is it that we are not thankful every single day for the things we do have, instead of having to wait until a national holiday like Thanksgiving to be able to practice thankfulness?

When we should be practicing thankfulness every single day.

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