Sometimes I look at my life and think to myself, “One day I will be…”

More patient
More bold
A more dependable friend

“One day I will…”

Work out and eat healthy
Learn that skill
Become better

Truth be told, how many of those do I put off to do tomorrow?
…Or more likely, as my New Year’s resolution?
(Next year, of course… Or maybe the next year. This next one is coming up far too quickly, anyway.)

Why are we not becoming who we desire to be?
I constantly am thinking of ways I need to improve.
I know every single one of my own weaknesses, after all.

Yet here is a shocker for you:
One day we will not have a tomorrow.
One day we will no longer be able to say, “One day I will…”

So why not today?

Why wait until New Years?
Why wait until we have more time, or resources, or whatever other excuse we can think of?

Decide who you want to be tomorrow.
Decide how you need to change for the better
And do it.

Become what you intend to be ‘someday’


Because you may not have tomorrow.

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