Strong faith doesn’t come from how hard I work.

I feel sometimes that I need to muster up enough faith for a situation.
Especially when times are tough.

When the world is going crazy and I feel very strongly to pray for the situation, I often feel like faith needs to come first before I even can begin to pray.
Almost as if I need enough faith to change anything with my prayers.

Because of that, I end up feeling stuck.

Do I have enough faith?
Will my prayers even matter if I don’t?

So I stammer and stumble over my words, trying to gather enough faith from within me, while trying to choose the correct words to say…

Yet in those moments, I am totally missing the point.

I forget the truth.

It’s not about me.

It’s not about what I do or what I say.
It is about what HE has done and the truth HE has already said.
It’s not about using all of my energy to muster up enough faith.
It is about how strong and powerful my God is.

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