We are in the middle of a few home projects in our house at the moment.

My husband and I have always had the same basic philosophy with these projects.
If it so something we can do ourselves, we will do it ourselves.

It has been like that since we bought our first house.

Our first house was built in 1909.

When our Realtor was taking us through houses, it was by far the worst one we saw.


The carpet was shag olive green, and was drenched in cat urine.
The kitchen had mustard metal (You read that right. Metal) cabinets.
Wallpaper from the early 80’s was all over the place.
There were parts of the roof falling off.
The city sewer system flooded the basement through the toilet.
It was disgusting.
Undoubtedly awful.

But it was perfect.
Absolutely perfect.

It was a two-story Victorian with six bedrooms and three bathrooms.
Tons of space and LOADS potential.
There was so much character in that house!

It was beautiful!

So we started the insurmountable task of restoring it.

Every single room was touched.
Every single room needed work.

We learned a lot in the process.

~I gained a fervent hatred for wallpaper that remains to this day,
After I spent a week trying to take it down, and only removed a one-foot square in the process.~

We learned our limitations.
And had to re-do a thing or two (or twenty).

But we learned more about our capabilities.

We learned to see potential.

When I think back on that old house, and how horrible it was in the beginning,
That is how many of us were at one point in our lives:
A complete disaster of a person with junk and funk inside of us.

Yet someone took the time to look through our hot-mess, seeing absolute potential in us;
Pouring into us to reveal the true character and beauty underneath the madness!

You can be the person that sees beyond someone’s horrible exterior.
You can be the one to bring out the good.

Choose to be the one to see the good, even when no one else can.

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