Many years ago when my husband was in the military, he would spend long tours away from the family.

During his longest tour away, I was pregnant with our youngest, and we had two little ones at home.

Many days during the early part of my pregnancy, I was very sick.
Morning-sickness madness full-force.

And let me just say, that there were points that I was just so burned out.


I would be laying on the couch, thinking to myself
“I should probably feed my littles.” “That would be the responsible thing to do.”

So, many days I put out bowls of dry finger-foods out for each of them to graze on throughout the day.

Yep, like they were little puppies…

Not my best of parenting moments, for sure.

And I wish I could lie and say I only did this once, instead of several times a week…
(It was a rough season. Don’t judge.)

But hey, they are amazing well-adjusted teenagers now so perhaps feeding them like puppies did not have permanent damage.

If you are having ‘one of those days’
Those days where you cannot give 100%
Where you are lucky to give 5%
It’s OK.

If you are in a whole season of your life when you are barely making it and only have enough energy to put out bowls of food for the ones you love,
It’s ok.
You are going to get through it.
Hang in there.
Don’t give up.

Your little puppies love you anyway.

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