One night I was sitting on the couch next to my husband and my daughter.
The three of us were goofing around, and somehow, my daughter ended up scratching my forehead
With her toenail.
I’m not even sure how it happened.
I laugh about it now, but man, did it hurt at the moment!

The cut has healed, but if you look closely there is a tiny scar on my forehead.

Scars are sometimes left on our bodies after an injury.
Almost as evidence that we were hurt,
Yet recovered.

So many of us have scars.
No, not physical scars.
I am talking emotional scars,
Scars that are unseen.

The nature of life itself has a way of leaving us with bumps and bruises of all kinds. 

Scars sometimes go back decades.

From painful words;
Careless, horrific actions;
Thoughtless people…

Some scars are so deep you wonder if they are truly healed underneath.

If we were able to actually see emotional scars on people, I wonder if we would be a kinder people.
I wonder if we would treat each other with more understanding.

It’s easy sometimes to focus on your own scars.
It’s easy for that to become an object of your thoughts day in and day out.

The problem is that when we do that, we forget about the Healer of our scars.
We forget that Jesus died to heal all of our wounds and make us new.

Let us focus on Jesus, the Healer of even our deepest scars.
Let us focus on the scars He has that He willingly accepted for us.

And let us start looking at the people around us in a different way,
Hoping to understand them and point them to the One who can heal.

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