I read a lot.

A book I read several months ago had a quote that took me back.

Anything that infuses us with humility is good.


My initial reaction that that was total rejection.
I do NOT like that quote.

Because when the word ‘humility’ comes to mind, we have this picture in our minds of someone who lets others walk all over them and thinks little of themselves.

Yet that is not what it is.

There are countless circumstances that came to mind when I read that one sentence.

Humiliating circumstances

Those are times that I want no one to remember.

That way of thinking is opposite of what is popular.
‘Survival of the fittest’ is what we often hear.
Be strong and independent.


I thought about that one sentence for weeks. It replayed again and again in my mind.

The longer I pondered that one simple quote, the more I agreed with it.

Could there be incredible value in humility?

I think so.

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