Have you ever expected someone to read your mind?

Not joking.
Have you?

Because if I was perfectly honest, I do it all the time.

And there are times when I expect way more from others than I would ever expect from myself.

Sometimes I have expectations on the people my life that are so insanely unrealistic.

Like reading my mind.
Knowing what I need.
(Even though I don’t tell them.)
Feeling exact same emotions I feel about a situation.
Acting the way I think they should act.
At the exact time I think they should.
No, actually before I think of it.

After all, they should have already thought of it even before I did…

How fair is that?

How is my friend supposed to know the emotional toll the week has had on me unless I tell them?

How is my child supposed to do what I want them to do without me communicating that to them?

How can my husband to know how to meet unspoken expectations?

For real?

Have you ever thought about it?

Sometimes my greatest disappointments have happened when I have put unrealistic expectations on someone else that they could never meet.
(And at times not even tell them about those expectations.)

Are your
‘Competing’ against the ideal mind-reader version of them that you have already concocted inside your head?

Because if they are, they will not measure up to that ideal.

So please save yourself some unnecessary fights and disappointments and
Just stop.


Just my thought for the day…

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