When all around you seems so completely out of control and chaotic
It can be difficult to find peace.

Yet in those times of turmoil,
Peace is truly what we seek.

In my life, I long for peace.
I long for the quiet and calm and tranquil.

There are times when circumstances threaten that sense of peace.
Yet in those times when all around me is brewing and storming,
When things are going wrong and people betray,
When life is going in fast-forward mode and the tasks I have to do are endless;
I have to cling to my Anchor.

I have to.

Because true lasting peace cannot be found in circumstances.
Circumstances change and shift.
If I only found contentment and peace when things are going smoothly,
I would rarely find peace at all.

True lasting peace cannot come from myself and my feelings either
Because my feelings shift and change faster than I can even keep up with.

I have had some hard times in my life
Yet throughout those times,
My sense of hope, peace and joy has come from one source alone.
And that source of hope and peace has been from God.

He is my only true source of lasting peace.
My only source of lasting hope and joy.
Despite the chaotic storm of circumstances and feelings.

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