In elementary school, my middle child was always very small.
REALLY small.
He was generally several years behind kids his age in his growth.

He had a best friend throughout elementary school that was the exact opposite of him in every physical way.
It was absolutely adorable.

They had possibly the sweetest friendship.

They were always giggling.
They got each other’s sense of humor.
They were kind and thoughtful about the other’s feelings.

It was amazing to watch young elementary school kids have a true friendship
And learn to be a true friend.

I remember walking behind them one day on a field trip
And they were as different as they could be.

And talking to each other nonstop

I will always remember that picture of the two of them.

They were inseparable.

It was one of those friendships that you want your kids to have.
One that is about what they have in common,
And is oblivious to the differences.

I wish we were more like this as adults.
Oblivious to our differences instead of comparing ourselves to each other…
Oblivious to our differences instead of judging each other…
Using the differences we see in the other person to make ourselves better…
Focusing on what we have in common and choosing to see the good in the other person
Even though we are all different.

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