When my husband was deployed in the military our boys were too young to be able to read
So he would often draw pictures of their favorite cartoon characters and send the pictures to them in the mail.
They loved getting those pictures!
And I loved tacking them up to their closet doors.
We filled up those closet doors when he was gone.
It was sweet.

I very much admire him for being intentional about connecting with his boys, even though he was so far away from them.

I am not going to lie.
When he was gone, I was scared.
I was scared he may not make it home.

Every military family has this fear.

Today is Memorial Day.
It is more than just a weekend to spend time with family.
It is more than just the kick-off of the summer season.

It is a day to remember that there are those who are missing their loved ones.
There are some who did not make it home.
Many died.

Celebrate today with the ones you love
And do not take them for granted.

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