The main floor living space of our house is a wood laminate floor.

Every once in a while there is a ‘slippery spot’ on the floor.
We actually joke about it
Because it comes and goes and even moves.

Sometimes the slippery spot will be closer to the fireplace,
Then it will go away for a while and appear close to the dining table instead.

Everyone is susceptible to the slippery spot.
We all have slipped on it.
It seems like it only lasts until we all are so conscious of it that we are careful around that one particular spot.

Then it goes away.

When it comes back, it always takes me off guard.
Every time.

Sometimes there are those slippery spots in my life as well.

Things like pride,

And I can be going through my life
Only to be suddenly tripped up by them because I wasn’t paying attention.
They can take me off guard
And before I even realize what is happening
I am on my butt on the floor.

All because of the slippery spot.

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