Let’s be real.
People judge.
Especially when it comes to parenting.

Everyone has their own opinion,
And everyone thinks their opinion is right.

When I announced that we were pregnant with child number two
I got looks.
I got the inappropriate questions and statements.

“Are you sure?”
“Was it an accident?”
“You know how that happened, right?” (Insert nervous laughter and elbow jab)
“How are you going to handle it with them so close together?”
“Did you think that through?”

My oldest child was 10 months at the time.
I was young,
Quite young,
And I looked even younger.
A lot younger.

So, yep.
We got advice, questions and looks.

Oh the looks…

Especially at the grocery store

When you walk in, looking like you are around 15 years old with a child barely talking and a big-old pregnant belly, people automatically judge.

Judgmental people bother me.
They really bother me.

I used to try to please them.
Prove their negative thoughts towards me were wrong…

But as time went on, the judgmentalism started to really infuriate me.
It really made me angry!
Because it didn’t matter what I did, people would still judge
Because people judge.

It is up to you if you let their opinions get to you.
It is up to you whether or not to become that judgmental person yourself.

Don’t become that judgmental person!


Because that girl who looks 15 and pregnant may just be 22 and happily married to the most amazing man.
That girl who looks 15 and pregnant may just end up to be an absolutely amazing mom with the most incredible kids.
That girl who looks 15 and pregnant may end up going through some trials in life that make her insanely strong and responsible.

You really don’t know.

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