I have a good friend who has an amazing little three-year-old.
The other day he gave me a handful of legos,
Looked at me with the most adorable pleading face and said,
“Make me a cool dinosaur.”

I look down at the legos he gave me.
There were maybe a dozen or so,
All the same size and color.

I had a dozen yellow 1 x 2’s

Oh crap!

I looked at him.
He was happily bouncing up and down in anticipation of the most amazing dinosaur.
And I had a handful of lego pieces,
Possibly the crappiest assortment of pieces to make the dinosaur.

And I think that my life is like that handful of legos sometimes.
There are times when it feels like it is a mess of pieces,
The crappiest assortment of pieces.
And I stare at the handful of pieces and wonder if something cool can ever be made of the pieces.

It seems like an impossible task.
Like it can never be done.

But that’s where God comes in.

I have seen God make some of the most amazing things out of just a handful of crappy pieces that I have handed Him.

Even when I handed over the pieces, I thought that the task was utterly impossible.
It could never be done.
I would be stuck with the crappy shattered pieces forever.

Then all of a sudden I look and He has made an amazing creation out of my broken pieces.

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