“I’ve known my boyfriend for 9 years. He would never hurt me.”

I overheard a 6th grader say.


6th Grade.

Oh boy.

Where do I even begin?

Oh, sweet little thing…

Let me just say that I admire your sweet trusting spirit.

But here I am telling you that people are hurtful. People are selfish. People WILL fail you.

You will get hurt.

A lot.

The fact of humanity is that we are all a broken people. Knowingly and unknowingly we will hurt each other.

I sincerely pray for your young heart to be resilient.
I pray that you receive and give kindness.
I pray that you will remain positive about humankind.
And that you go out with your positive spirit and change the world.

I pray that when you are hurt by the people that you come into contact with, that you are able to forgive and not hold onto bitterness.

And by the way, sweet girl… you do not need a boyfriend.

But that is a discussion for another day…

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