To the mom with kids ‘too close together’

You know.  The mom who when announcing her second pregnancy was met with the reply, “Already?”

Yep.  You.

You are amazing!

Whether you chose to have kids close together or not.
Who really cares.

Here you are.

With an infant and a toddler who is actually still a baby.
Two sizes of diapers to buy.
A house that smells like dirty diapers (no matter how hard you try)
And is loud with constant crying and whining.

And you are utterly exhausted.

Pony tail and some athletic gear still on from yesterday.
(Or was it from the day before? Who even knows?)

I was you.

I was totally you.

Living in the craziness. 

Young and even a little naive about parenting, yet wildly excited about the journey.

Answering those “Are they twins?” questions from random strangers at the grocery store.
And then the inevitable follow up statement after you answer no.
“You must be busy!”

Um… yep. I’m busy.

Aren’t we all?

Followed by any further statements made
If you dare have a child number three close in age as well.
(Good grief! *Gasp* How could you?)

I remember those days well.
Well, kinda…
(I must say that I am exceedingly grateful that I took a ton of pictures!)

I made my mistakes.
A lot of them.

But let me give you this world of encouragement.

You can do this.
You can!

One day you will look back on this time and be so incredibly amazed at yourself.

And your kids.

Who will turn into adults before you even can blink.
Everyone says that and you never truly believe it until it happens.
It’s true though.
So true.

Your days right now may seem to last forever, and the weeks an eternity.
But seriously you will look back and wonder how they seemed so long yet went so fast.

I loved having my kids close together.
Absolutely loved it!
I wouldn’t have changed a thing about it!

Yes, it was quite insane for the first 5 years of parenting.
Quite crazy!

But every crazy moment was incredibly worth it!

There will be hard days.
There will be amazing days.

Embrace the moment.
Embrace the madness.

And have fun with all your little crazy babies!

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