I love Disney World.
Like really really love it!

I would choose to go there on every vacation if I could.
Every year if we could.

Working there would be my dream job.
No joke.
My absolute dream job!

(Except maybe working in the parking lot or somewhere outside the park. That would be a bummer! Anywhere inside the park though.)

I would even work there for free.
On second thought… give me an endless family pass for the family as compensation of my work.
That’s all I ask.

Even thinking about going there makes me feel giddy.

We were actually there three years ago today.

~Thank you, Facebook memories for reminding me.~

We were there.
Just me and my husband.
No kids.
Because we are ‘that’ couple.

Don’t worry.
We take them too.
Just not that trip.


You get the point.

Love it.

They say Disney is the happiest place in the world.
And for some people (raise my hand) it is.

Yet every single time I go there
I see angry parents.
Kids complaining.
Arguing couples.

A lot of them.

All throughout the day.

Why is that?

You are in the happiest place in the world, people!

What is it about human nature that makes us focus on the bad?
On the arguments?
On the pettiness?

When there is so much happiness and good around us.

Oh, I get it.
Some things these people are going through may be huge.
Some of them may be going through hell in their personal lives at the time.
I know.
I know that there could be underlying major life-ruining horrible circumstances.

But for the most part.
For everyone else.
For the majority of the crabbies at Disney.
That is who I am talking about.
Those who are just plain grouches for no real reason.

Who argue about where to eat.
Or complain about being too hot.
Or freak out about not getting a character’s signature.
Or having to wait in a line.

You’re at Disney!
But don’t we do the same thing in our every day life?

Focus on the negative when there is all kind of good around us.
Argue with the people we love about things that don’t matter.
Take things for granted.
Take people for granted.

How much of what we argue about with the people we care about most can be put aside?
How much of it is really truly worth arguing about?

I want to be the person who sees the good around me.
Who focuses on the good instead of letting the negative overtake my thoughts.

Every single day.

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