Selflessness is hard.
Selflessness sucks.
Selflessness takes a lot out of you.

Because it is so unnatural.
So foreign.

To be selfless is a constant choice.


Because nothing is natural about thinking of others first when all that is within us is shouting
“What about me?”

Maybe that is why when you hear about a truly selfless person, you take notice.

Someone who is selfless will be the cheerleader of others.
They will be the ones who compliment.
Who encourage.
Do the ‘gross’ jobs.
The behind the scenes work.
Who look to make other’s lives better.

They care.

To me, selflessness is key to making relationships work.
Not just work though.

Because when it comes down to it, selfishness sucks the life out of relationships.
It kills them.
It does.

But when you see a relationship of two truly selfless individuals…
There is something so incredibly amazing about it!

For those of you out there tending for a sick loved one.
Constantly putting their needs before your own.

For those of you with tiny little humans at home.
Constantly putting their needs above your own.

For those of you working to restore a broken relationship.
Constantly putting their needs above your own.

For those of you who volunteer endless hours at churches and non-profits.
Constantly putting other’s needs above your own.

Thank you.

Thank you!

I know it’s exhausting.
I know it feels unnatural.
I know it just plain sucks at times!

I know it can be discouraging.

But truth be told, you are what makes this life beautiful.
You are love in action.
You represent hope.

In a world that is insanely and utterly

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