Ever had anyone try to hurt someone you love?

Oh Man…

Don’t get me started.

I cannot even…

I am one who loves deeply.
We are talking all-encompassing.
All-in kind of love.

I don’t really have a ton of close friends.
I have a selected few ‘people’ and I give them my all.

Taking up the majority of my all-encompassing love-bubble is my family.

The problem is, I have such a strong emotional response when someone hurts them.

I remember the little league days.

Oh little league…

The uptight parents.
The favoritism.
The hurt feelings.

Part of me definitely does not miss those days one bit.

I never actually was the parent that yelled.
I never argued with the refs.

But there were times if you were watching me closely, you would have thought I was going to run out on the field and punch someone.

(I didn’t. I promise.)

There is just something inside me that overwhelmingly wants to protect those I love.

When someone I love is hurting, every fiber of my being wants to fix it.
Make it better.
Make sure they are never hurt again.

There has been that side of me that has wanted to march over to school and give someone a piece of my mind…

And don’t even get me started when someone tries to hurt my husband…
Don’t! Even!
Boxing gloves go on…

In all reality, there really is nothing I can do to prevent hurt from happening.

~Except maybe living in our own bomb shelter with a 20-year supply of canned goods and hiding from the world.~

There is no way to prevent the bad.

And since it would not be an amazing idea to bring serious physical harm to anyone who hurts my family, I need to find a better solution.

Teach your kids to be kind.

That words can harm.
That lies can ruin lives.
That bullying is horrible.
That actions can scar.

Teach them to be peacemakers.
To make wise choices.
To show compassion to those who are rejected.
To be selective in their close friendships.
But be friendly to all.

Jesus did say love your enemy.
And that one is hard.
(I know I am supposed to love them, but can I please punch them really hard first?)

Choose to be the one who is kind.
Who glues those lips shut when you need to.
Who raises humans that can choose kindness in a world of hate.

Who can forgive.

~deep breath~

Who can forgive.

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