Truth: I am just a little OCD.

Just slightly crazy.

I like things orderly.

When my oldest was really small, I would put the toys back in the same spot every time.

Little people farm with doors open and animals scattered around.
Trucks and cars on this shelf.
Little Veggie Tales characters in that bin.
Chair with the same stuffed animal put in it.

When it was time to clean up the toys, I always did it the same.

To be honest, I did not even notice I did it.

I remember one day we had a play date. When it was time to clean up the toys, the mom put a truck on the wrong shelf. My son moved it.

That’s when I noticed.

He had learned that from me. He was mimicking me.

Truth: our kids are watching us.
They notice.
They mimic.

I don’t think any of us truly grasp the amount of influence we hold over younger generations.

But we do.

I remember being the younger kid, looking up to those that were older, wanting to be like them. Don’t you?

Each of us has the capacity to be an influence.
To be a role model.
To be someone to look up to.

When we look on how our behaviors can influence those who are looking up to us, it really makes you self-evaluate.

Am I someone I want my child to be like?
How would my choices influence someone for the better or worse?

If my child was my mimic, would I be proud?
Or embarrassed?

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