“I don’t waannna take a naaaaap!”

How many of us as parents have heard that line?

It it usually accompanied by whining and tears.
Both indicators.
Yep. You need a nap.

As an I adult I say,
“I waannna take a naaaaap!”

I look at the life of a three-year-old.
Man, he’s got it made!
Personal chef.
Crazy hair.
No worries…

Isn’t it the truth that often we don’t know how good we have it?
Until something goes bad.
Until something changes.
Until you don’t like the specific phase of your life.

Then we look back
And wish we could go back.

“The good-old days.”

Days when we could take naps.
Nights when we had no homework.
The time when we could stay up all night.
When you could put the baby down and she didn’t go anywhere.

Life in this town…
When she was my neighbor…
That one vacation spot…

I have the tendency to look back a lot.

And in the looking back, there is often a sense of wishing I could relive a certain stage.

However, when I am looking back
I miss out on today.
I miss it.

I don’t want to miss today.

Because one day, I may look back on today and think.
I miss that time…

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