Have you seen those Facebook posts implying that you are a better mom if your house is messy?


How does that make sense?


That one gets me every time.

It gets me.

And truthfully makes me angry.

Because my house is clean.

I know.
I am annoying.

I like order and cleanliness. I like for things to be put back in their place and for the beds to be made.

I do NOT judge you if you are not like me.

What bothers me is the implication that because of my personality, I do not love my kids. It implies that I spend all day cleaning, and neglecting my children to fend for themselves while I selfishly clean their surroundings, and neglect them.



What you do not see is that I spend an average of 20 minutes officially “cleaning” a day. My lifestyle is just orderly because my personality is orderly. My kids are the same way. They have chores they do once a week, and they pick up after themselves out of habit.

It doesn’t make me a better or worse mom than you.

It never will.

The way I relate to my children, and spend time with my children defines the mother I am, NOT my house.

The relationships I have with them define what kind of mom I am, NOT my clean bathrooms.

The same goes for someone who has a messy house.

I do not doubt the quality of mothering based on the cleanliness or messiness of your house.
No one should.

Good grief!

*eye roll*

End rant.

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