My final music story comes from another intensely hard season.

Those 111 excruciating days between my mom’s cancer diagnosis, and her death.


That may be one of the the last words I would have chosen to describe the way I felt during this time in my life.

Yet that is the name of the song.
The song that made a huge impact.
The song that brought me to tears repeatedly.

I spent a lot of time in my car at this time.
Driving 30 minutes to the hospital to visit my mom.
Driving back and forth to the next town over to her house.
And ultimately driving to the hospice house each day.

I cannot even count the number of times this song came on in the car.
Many days I heard it multiple times a day on the radio.

“When everything is falling apart, you will be safe in HIS arms.”

Truth: everything felt like it was falling apart.

No one expects something huge like this to happen to them.
No one is ready for cancer.
No one is ready to watch someone they love slip away from them.

My mom was my rock.
I truly felt like she was the only one who truly got me.
And she loved me despite my flaws.

I remember that song, even today.
It’s encouragement is so valuable to me.

Whatever you are going through.
If it seems like your life is breaking into millions of tiny pieces and you don’t know how it will ever be ok again.

When everything is falling apart.
You are safe in the arms of your Almighty Father.

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