Have you ever had a song come on at the exact and precise moment you needed it?

I have several amazing song stories.

This is one…

Many years ago.

My husband was in the military. We had just moved across the country, and within just a couple very short months after moving, he was sent to war.

And I was alone.
Knowing pretty much no one.
A 3-year-old and 2-year-old.
Plus baby #3 in the tummy.

I felt so alone.
So alone.

I don’t think you know the terror I am talking about unless you’ve been there.

Saying goodbye to someone you desperately adore.
Not knowing when he will be home.
That fear in the back of your mind that there might come a day when there will be a knock on the front door telling you he wasn’t coming home.

There is nothing like that fear.

Waiting beside the phone, hoping he will be able to call…
Getting an email telling you he will need to be silent for a while.
He doesn’t know when he will be able to call.
Waiting weeks, just wondering.

For many months…


Every time I drove into town, this song came on the radio.
Every. Single. Time.

“YOU are all I need when I’m surrounded.
YOU are all I need if I’m by myself.
YOU fill me when I’m empty.
There is nothing else.
YOU’RE all I need.”

I clung to that song.
I would weep in my car as I was driving.

I have a very deep faith in God, and that very faith has given me unimaginable strength in the times when I have needed it the most.
I leaned so desperately on my faith at that time.

HE is my ONE constant.


Whether I am loved.
Or rejected.
Whether I am alone.
Or surrounded.
HE is the one I am constantly clinging to.

And that song.

That song…

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