Ever have one of those seasons of life where you feel like everything is going wrong?

I mean everything?

Like there doesn’t seem to be a day that isn’t hard?

Where one thing after another goes wrong and you begin to think in terms of, “There can’t possibly be another thing that can go wrong here.”

Yet somehow there’s something else?

I remember one such season literally looking around and saying out loud, “Where’s the hidden camera?”

That’s exactly how it felt. It almost got to the point where it was comical.
I had to laugh.
Because the only other option is to curl up in a ball and weep uncontrollably.

Remember that saying, “God will not give you more than you can bear”?

What. The. Crap?

For real, there have been many seasons of my life when I want so desperately to hunt down whoever first made up that crappy load of bull and punch them in the face.

Because if that were the case, God has a FAR higher opinion of what I am able to handle than is realistic. There have been seasons where must be a superhero in His opinion.

I have learned to hate that saying. I cringe when I hear it.
Because it’s a lie.
(It isn’t in the Bible. Someone made it up.)

Because there are seasons where you simply CAN’T handle it.

There are seasons where God has to take over.

There are seasons where the only option is to cling to faith with every fiber of your being.

There are seasons when the only explanation of how you got through without loosing your sanity is because of the grace of God Himself.

And you know what?

When I realize that fact,
Just let go,
Pray like crazy,
And cling tightly to Him with all my might…

Something strange happens.

Yep. You read that right.


Even in the worst of storms.
The most horrible seasons.
God can bring peace.

Life can bring stormy seasons.
Like hurricane-type seasons.
And sometimes they come up quickly with no warning.
Sometimes they brew and fester for a while before the real storm hits.

The real question is
Where will you take shelter in those storms?

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