I am the grammar police.

More like a grammar Nazi.

Don’t ever use their/they’re wrong.  If you use the wrong tense verb in a sentence, I will instantly correct you inside my head.

So when I blog, there is one side of me that cringes every time I fragment a sentence.

I know I do it.

I do.

When I was in high school, grammar was my thing.  It came easily.  I came from a school where grammar and spelling were highly emphasized, and I often diagrammed sentences.

And I LIKED it.  (*gasp*)

So here I am getting it all out there for those of you who may be a little like me, correcting me inside your head.

I write the way I think.  I write how I would speak if given the chance to tell this to you in person.

The perfectionist in me just had to clear that up…

Sentence fragments.

I know.  I know…

Get over it.

(PS… I’m sorry Mrs. M!  You did teach me well.  You really did!)

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