Slow motion

I watch as my grandmother’s vase slips from my fingers.
I am able to fumble it and save it from shattering.
But it is still broken.
There is a long crack in the side of it. A chip is taken out of the top. Yes, it still works. It will still hold flowers, and water does not leak out if you don’t overfill it.

But it isn’t the same.

That vase was beautiful. It was cherished.
But it was broken because of my carelessness.

How often are we careless with the cherished people in our lives?

Careless words

Thoughtless actions

Intentional hurts

The problem with that vase is that there was no amount of superglue that would put it perfectly back together. It could never be made new again.

In our relationships with the ones closest to us, we have the exact same capacity to shatter.
To break.
To hurt and wound.

And if we are completely honest, a lot of us are walking around completely shattered and wounded. We are broken and hurting. Walking around with gaping holes. Deep bruises in our souls. Wounds that we know may never go away.

Some of us have had wounds so deep, hurts so hidden that perhaps no one even knows.

Wake up people!

Actions wound

Words hurt

Stop hurting each other!
Just STOP!

Actions are a powerful thing. We can crush or build up.
We can encourage with our words or we can completely break someone down.

You are responsible for you.
I am responsible for me.

Let’s start there.

Make the choice to encourage.
Make the choice to heal.
Make the choice to make our relationships better.


Because of our own actions.

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