I remember when I first started wearing makeup as a teenager. I was counting the days until my mom would let me.

And then, just like a lot of young girls, I caked on the stuff.

This was before contouring and youtube tutorials. I had no clue what I was doing. I just knew I had to hide my imperfections, which to a young girl, was pretty much my entire face.

So on went the blue eyeshadow, cakes of foundation, tacky red lipstick…

I still try to hide imperfections.

Not necessarily with makeup, but in other ways.

Don’t we all?

Camera filters, spanks, high heels, editing tools, fake smiles…

Why is it so hard to be authentic?

Yet we crave authenticity.

If we would just look around at the world and see behind everyone else’s “concealer,” you would see that everyone is at least a little insecure. Everyone is struggling in some way. Everyone hurts. We all try to pretend we are not, but we are.

One of these days I am dying to go out of the house looking exactly how I feel.
And saying and acting exactly what I am thinking.

Some days that would be very frightening.

Some days I may get arrested, quite frankly.

Well…maybe a little self-control is good.

We could all use a little more authenticity in our lives. Because maybe someone out there just may be struggling in the exact way that you are, and the two of you could help each other. Maybe someone out there has been through what you are going through, and can shed some light to help you out of it. Maybe someone out there can learn from your struggles.

Let’s be truthful. No one really looks good with too much concealer.

1 comment on “concealer

  1. I have gone in the opposite direction lately and think I might need to brave the potential orange line and try a little foundation/concealer. (Baby steps, at least I finally colored my hair today)


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