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This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Grace is one of those things that we really want to get.

But it can be hard to give.

We want others to overlook our flaws…to be understanding when we mess up… to show kindness always…. to think the best of us.

We even tend to overlook our own failings, or excuse them.  Often times we are far harder on others than we are on ourselves.

So often I have found myself criticizing someone… judging them for some outrageous behavior… spewing angry words (typically to another person) for how their behavior is unacceptable…  Only to, some time down the road, find myself doing the exact same action I was criticizing.

*But that was different.*

*I had a good reason to act that way.  Or to do that.*


The older I get, the more I am aware of my own capacity to fail.

Wake up, people.  We are all human.  We all mess up.  We make mistakes.

We all fail.

The more often I remind myself that I am completely capable of failure, just like the next guy, the more I tend to extend grace when someone else messes up.


May we become a people who extend grace.

May we start to show love in action every day.

May we stop sticking our noses up in the air in arrogance condemning and judging other people.

Because we ALL need grace.

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